Tyrel Turner was in a motor vehicle accident on September 12, 2011 near Decatur Texas. He sustained a serious brain injury, which miraculously was his only major injury. He has been continuously fighting for his life, but has shown magnificent improvement on a daily basis!

Tyrel has been in three different facilities since the accident and his determination to improve makes quite an impression on everyone involved with his care and recovery! He started out in a Level I Intensive Care Unit for three weeks, where he fought for his life every second. Once he was considered “stable”, he was moved to a Long Term Acute Care facility which became a four week rollercoaster of infection, weight loss, fatigue and emotional frustration. Now free of infection and no longer an acute medical concern, Tyrel is at Baylor Institute of Rehabilitation in Dallas. This is not the final chapter of Tyrel’s journey with his injury, but it is an immeasurable stride toward full recovery. This is the point at which Tyrel gets to determine the magnitude of his recovery and he has made it obvious there are no limits!

Tyrel is originally from Shoshoni Wyoming. He moved with his wife, Shawna, to Texas in 2010 as he supported her in her studies at Parker University to become a chiropractor. Tyrel was the 2005 National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association champion steer wrestler and, after getting settled in Sanger Texas, had recently been getting back on the rodeo road! Tyrel was enjoying his assembly job at Peterbuilt and had been building his horseshoeing business while learning all he could to further his farrier knowledge!

Tyrel and Shawna are both incredibly strong, determined, and courageous people who don’t know how to quit. With faith, time, and the support from everyone they have touched, we will see them both back to doing all the things they love!

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